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“Bob & Dale” | Elderly Gay Couple in a Remote Rocky Mountain Town Find Out How Deep Love Runs | Short Film Kickstarter

An elderly gay couple in a remote Rocky Mountain town find a deeper love when dementia threatens their independence.

Bob and Dale have lived together in a remote Rocky Mountain town for forty-two years. At eighty-two, Dale shows the physical signs of slowing down. When Bob, who is eighteen years his junior, tries to hide the beginning stages of dementia, the couple is forced to define the depth of their love.

Kickstarter information below and at Bob & Dale – A Short Film

Bob & Dale is a short thesis film produced by students of The Barry R. Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema. We’ll be shooting on location in the mountains of Creede CO for two weeks in mid January.

Filmmaking of this magnitude involves a lot of moving pieces: cast, crew, equipment, locations, weather, etc. The purpose of this Kickstarter is to acquire the necessary resources needed to execute the film.

Creede has already provided an amazing amount of support to our production, and as you can see below, we have a great group of filmmakers working on our team.

As of this moment we’ve raised over a third of our budget offline. We received a $10,000 grant from the New York Mayor’s Office of Film and Television, and an additional $17,000 through private donors.

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