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Bleachers’ Jack Antonoff Gets Knocked Out at Wedding in “Don’t Take the Money” Music Video

I am warming up to liking Bleachers, almost there. This new video of theirs is definitely helping. Wait? Am I not suppose to be honest?

“Well known for his brand of heavily 80’s-influenced pop, Bleachers—otherwise known as Jack Antonoff of fun. and the-main-co-writer-on-the-new-Lorde-record fame—has so far kept to that formula with the first two tracks released from his upcoming second album Gone Now (due June 2). Both “Don’t Take the Money,” which features Lorde, and “Hate that You Know Me,” which features Carly Rae Jepsen (in case you somehow didn’t already get that Antonoff is pop royalty) sound like they’d fit pretty comfortably on the soundtrack of a John Hughes movie, and if that’s not the mark of 80’s realness, I’m not sure what is.” Noisey

Bleachers’ New Album ‘Gone Now’ Available June 2nd. Get “Don’t Take The Money” and “Hate That You Know Me” instantly when you pre-order now: iTunes 

Video from Bleachers VEVO

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