Benji Peng Fall/Winter 2015 Lookbook

In his debut collection, titled American Acid Capsule, designer Benji Peng span the tale of a teenage boy growing up in an urban setting, he dresses himself up, roams around the city and peeks into the windows of the clubs he is too young to get into. In development of the collection, Peng took inspiration from his own boyhood memories, and classic images of his obsessions in those days such as David Bowie and David Byrne. The goal was to capture the youthful energy of adulescens in the city, using sportswear silhouettes while integrating clubwear and businesswear elements to complete the whimsical imagery of the character he created. Fuckingyes

Benji Peng Benji Peng2 Benji Peng3 Benji Peng4 Benji Peng5 Benji Peng6 Benji Peng7 Benji Peng8 Benji Peng9 Benji Peng10 Benji Peng11

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