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Ben Toms Releases a Series of Surreal Postcards

Dazed — “What would we find if we looked at your phone? “A lot of photos of my praying mantises and bonsai trees,” photographer Ben Toms once told us. By the look of his latest project, he wasn’t kidding – released today at the San Francisco Art Book Fair, a box of postcards serialises his enigmatic visual fascinations.”

“With the images shot across the world (destinations as far flung as Sri Lanka, Kyoto, and New Orleans) the photographs share a sense of the uncanny – a building is shaped like a duck; a snake curls around a green sink; a group of tourists on safari have their faces entirely covered with shades, hats, and colourful scarves. Elsewhere, reality is abandoned almost entirely – a model poses on a suburban street in an inflated latex suit, or as a padded out, masked muscle man (the theme of masks runs throughout, coinciding with ideas of protection and camouflage). Text accompanies each image, adding narrative and intriguing factual context – like detailing the first use of plastic bottles or the mechanics of scissors created for left-handed people.” Read More Here

Untitled launched at the San Francisco Art Book Fair, and will also be available at Owl Cave Books in San Francisco and