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Become an Accidental Bear Member Now! Be Part of the Growing International Community | Video

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Big news at Accidental Bear today! Become an Accidental Bear Member Now! For years people have asked me how they can contribute, be part of, or support Accidental Bear Website and all of the exciting original projects I do. Today I am rolling out a subscriber/membership option. If you enjoy and like what’s going on at Accidental Bear you can now easily chip in and be part of the growing international community.

Become a Member Here

With this new option I will be able to crank up the quality of all of my videos and content, bring in help and build an A/B production team, upgrade my outdated equipment, and improve everyone’s overall Accidental Bear experience. With your help, less than a cheap cup of coffee once a month, this will all be possible, and I will be able to continue to grow, expand and improve: A Bigger, Better Accidental Bear!

Free members will have limited access. $1.99/month or $19.00/year members will have access to content EXCLUSIVE to members only, access to weekly/monthly giveaways (Merchandise, music, concert/theater tickets etc) , exclusive videos and access to photo-shoots that will only be posted for members, email news letters, and a list of other EXCLUSIVE MEMBER’S ONLY content.

I have a huge list of exciting content that I want to produce, including international travel videos, original web series, and numerous video projects, but it can only happen with your help. And to be honest, I also want to be able to pay rent and eat! Accidental Bear has always had the most supportive community, an extended family. I look forward to going forward and growing together.


Please consider being a member!!

Become a Member here accidentalbear.com/wp-login

If you are interested in contributing more than the options allow or would like to become an official sponsor of Accidental Bear send me an email at accidentalbear@gmail.com

Be sure to watch video in HD for best quality!


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