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Beautiful Black Men in a Picturesque Forest Photographed by Thiago Borba is Breathtaking

“Beautiful black men in a picturesque forest, like a garden filled with Adams. Their skin glowing in the rays of light that find their way past layers and layers of lily pad-shaped leaves. Ethereal, serene, and almost spiritual, feast your eyes on Brazilian photographer Thiago Borba’s ‘Black Is Beautiful’ #BLVCKSBTFLL series. A visual ode to my blackness and yours, this peaceful photo series highlights the beautiful diversity of black men and how that beauty is mirrored in nature.” Read More at

I’m at a loss for words. These images and men are breathtaking.

Models: Reynaldo Machado, Jean Woolmay Denson Pierre, Vanderlei Nagô, Akin Cavalcante, Rafa Lima, Drayson Menezzes
Retoucher: Egea Neto

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