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Beardy Eric from Off the Hook’s Top 5 Speedo Moments: Video

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Words really are not necessary here. But, here’s a little background on Eric:

Showtime Eric Young, an avid yet novice outdoorsman and professional wrestler, is getting out of the ring and turning in his tights for some tackle. He’s on the adventure of a lifetime to hear, smell and taste big and small stories of the one that got away.

All across America, some fisherman go to extremes to haul in their catch – from using pantyhose on a rod and reel to catch sharks in the Atlantic Ocean to launching live bait with fire extinguishers on Lake Michigan – and Young will try his hand at all of them. Using all sorts of unique bait, tackle, poles and transportation (and a little SPF), he is aiming to be the makeshift MacGyver of fishing while learning the best and most unique techniques this country has to offer! READ MORE

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