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Beard King Painter Aaron Smith: In Search of the Neo-Dandy: Fascinating Q & A with Huffington Post



Alright, I’m just going to say it. After being a super fan of Aaron Smith’s paintings for years now, getting the chance to spend some time with him at his studio and observe his own facial hair up close and in person, I want to crown Aaron King Beard!

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Huffington Post got their paws on painter Aaron Smith and this is what have to report:


When it comes to epitomising the Neo-Dandy on canvas, none do it better than Californian based artist Aaron Smith. A graduate of Pasadena’s Art Center College of Design, and now its Associate Chair, Aaron has engaged in artistic experimentation for some years now, exhibiting in many prestigious galleries in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York.

His paintings are transcendental explorations into the philosophy of beauty, a heady mixture of Expressionism and Post-Impressionism, where colour is very much at the forefront. Aaron explores the personalities of figures, past and present, one of his most eye-catching paintings is a grand portrait of Prince Albert Victor (the Grandson of Queen Victoria) it is this immense passion for history that sets Aaron apart from many of his contemporaries. A continuing theme throughout his work is the male, as a being of fascination stylistically, physically and philosophically, Aaron transcribes these themes to the canvas perfectly; it is an awe inspiring thing to look at his work, which encompasses myriad facets.

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