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Bear Skn: Comfortable Underwear for Men of Size | Kickstart Project Here

No we didn’t spell that wrong, they are called Bear Skn.


New Kickstarter Project by Jody Koenig & Bjorn Ryan-Gorman

Men should be comfortable in their own skn, and they should be even more comfortable in their underwear.


Men should be comfortable in their own skin, and even more comfortable in their underwear. Bear Skn is on a mission to make that a reality.

  • Repositioned seams out from between your legs to reduce chaffing.
  • Fabric that moves the way you move without losing its shape.
  • Realistic sizing designed for the everyday man.
  • Signature double layer of mesh for extra airflow and durability right where you need it the most.
  •  All with no tag for added comfort

Bear Skn will be targeting men of size and using those same men in all of their marketing.




Bear Skn was founded when Bjorn Ryan-Gorman realized that most underwear only seemed to be made for an idealized adonis body. After trying a number of different styles, there just wasn’t anything out there that had the right combination of support, comfort, ventilation and affordability. So he began designing his own to suit the needs of everyday men.

Once Bjorn identified the core ideas and direction of Bear Skn, he brought on his partner, Jody Koenig, to provide the company with market presence and help run the business. Bear Skn is designed with one thing in mind, making underwear for all men to be comfortable in their own Skn.

Bear Skn underwear will be sold exclusively on We believe that underwear should be upgraded often so we have decided to price it lower than many of our competitors. We are able to price it lower without sacrificing quality by selling exclusively online and not going through traditional retailers.



Check out much more information on their Kickstarter Page and find out how you can support this project HERE


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