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Bath Tub Interview with Naked Yoga Instructor Bryan Harrelson: Video

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How appropriate, a naked interview in the bath tub with naked yoga instructor Bryan Harrelson who is based out of San Francisco. Would you strip down to nothing and partake in a naked yoga class? It takes a certain amount of courage and maturity but well worth the experience, and might I add life changing experience added by some of those that have gone a naked yoga retreat. Bryan also is a retreat leader and will be taking groups to Hawaii, Costa Rica and Palm Springs this year. For details on retreats CLICK HERE Check out our fun tub video below.


Bryan Harrelson writes on his website:

The number 1 reason that people give me for not wanting to do yoga naked is that they don’t want someone’s butt their face.  So let me first assure you that I never do the butt in the face pose. 🙂 When people say this I think they really want to know how sexual is Naked Yoga and how close do we get to one another?

In my classes there is no hand to genital or genital to genital contact.  However, I don’t want to deny that there is a sensual element.  Get a bunch of mostly gay men together, take off all of their clothes, have them work up a sweat moving around in their bodies and it’s only natural.  And should someone who you are attracted to show up, well that ups the ante.  Which brings me to the second most frequently asked question: Do people get erections? READ MORE

If you have any questions please feel free to email bryan at or contact him through his website.

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