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“Balls Deep” Goes Knee Deep in P-Town “Bears” March 16 on VICELAND | Watch Trailer




MARCH 16 at 11:00PM on VICELAND 

Go bears (hand punched into the air with closed fist).

“It’s Bear Week in Provincetown, when the burliest members of the gay community descend on Cape Cod to revel in their heft, hair, and heartiest homosexual hankerings. Will Thomas find love with one of the many types of Bear? “

BALLS DEEP follows VICE producer and correspondent Thomas Morton as he perfects his version of immersive journalism, embedding himself into the lives of others to experience what life looks like from their point-of-view.  Whether it’s a Pentecostal preacher, a Muslim-American family, or gay bears in Provincetown, Thomas absorbs every part of his counterparts’ lives: their customs, philosophies, their habits and habitats. BALLS DEEP is the most entertaining experiment in radical empathy ever committed to film (video actually).

Find the “Bears” Episode here www.viceland.com

Watch extended look here:




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