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Bad Behavior Online: Bullying, Trolling & Free Speech: Food for Thought Video

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Term of the day:  Online disinhibition effect – “The core concept of the Online Disinhibition Effect refers to a loosening (or complete abandonment) of social restrictions and inhibitions that would otherwise be present in normal face-to-face interaction during interactions with others on the Internet.” Wikipedia

The internet is a powerful tool for communication, but it can sometimes be a double-edged sword. As most of us have seen or experienced, the internet can bring out the worst behavior in people, highlighting some of the cruelest and most hurtful aspects of humanity. Issues such as bullying online and trolling have garnered a lot of attention recently, prompting questions about who does, and should, regulate the internet, and what free speech means online.


Alice Marwick, Professor at Fordham University
Whitney Phillips, Lecturer at New York University
Andy Sellars, Berkman Center For Internet & Society, Harvard University


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