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Bad Beard: ‘Fake Beard’ Gunman Fires on NYC Cops

Haven’t we bearded already dug ourselves out the trenches of stigma that come along with having a beard? Now these amateur criminals are using these way to predictable disguises, a fake beard, to shield their identity. Can’t these use a fake nose or something other than a beard (cries in palm of my hands)? Whatever happened to the good old ski mask?

A GUNMAN wearing a fake beard open fired on two rookie cops in New York City, sending a bullet flying into a nearby dental office packed with kids, authorities said.

The burst of gunfire erupted at 3:55pm local time Friday near 37th Road and 76th Street in Jackson Heights, where the officers on foot patrol were alerted to the oddly-dressed, bearded man wearing a dark trench coat, hat and sunglasses and acting suspiciously, sources said.

The cops asked him to take his hands out of his pockets and tried to force him to comply, one source said.

When he did, he had a deadly surprise for the officers.

“They kept asking him to take his hands out of his pocket, and after a struggle, he pulled one out and just opened fire point-blank,” a source said.

Police officials said two shots were fired – with one whizzing past the children in the nearby clinic. MORE

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