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AXXIDENTAL 80’s Surf Drawing-Design Contest! Your Design Gets Produced & Sold Worldwide

We are in the process of creating a rad collection of 80’s-Surf-vibe tee shirts and thought it would be a lot of fun to reach out and include artist from around the world.

We will pick 1-2 designs to be produced and sold on AXXIDENTAL ONLINE STORE (Buyers from all over the world). Winner will receive $200 and world wide exposer to their art and name. And the priceless experience of being part of this collection and the AXXIDENTAL growing legacy!

Designs must be able to be sent to us as high-res file in order for the printing to be high quality.  Must include the text: AXXIDENTAL Be creative, go wild. Dream design: rock-n-roll surfer surfing down the side of a volcano on lava = badass!

Some inspirations terms for your designs: Hawaii – Surf – rock-n-roll surfer – Shark – Volcano – Waves – 80s – skull (Not necessary to use any of these ideas, they are just listed as suggestions)

Deadline Friday May 12th and noon PST

Send submissions and any questions you may have to

Below are are some image inspirations of the general vibe we are looking for in design:


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