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Axed Playboy Club Star Eddie Cibrian, Wet, Naked and Selling Fluffy Charisma Towels (Photo Spread)

His television show The Playboy Club was canned last October after it failed to garner ratings. And with his acting offers apparently thin on the ground, it seems Eddie Cibrian is exploring other options.  The 38-year-old has signed up as the face – and body – of the Spring 2012 campaign for home wear company Charisma.

On set of a private residence in Los Angeles, topless Eddie is pictured drying off with fluffy Charisma towels after taking a dip in the pool. His top upper half is rippling with his muscles glistening in the sun. He also shows off his aquatic skills, expertly getting in position as he prepares to dive in the pool.

The handsome Northern Lights star also poses in a bed between the sheets, displaying his toned and taut upper body in the advertisements.

With a big grin on his face, throughout the shoot, Eddie kept his brushed gold wedding band from his nuptials with LeAnn firmly in place. This is the second time the actor has bared his body for the luxury home brand.

The products have an understated elegance to them and an attention to detail that I really appreciate.’

Last October Eddie promising new show The Playboy Club was cancelled after just three episodes, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The NBC series, which focused on the employees of the first Playboy Club in Chicago, failed to impress with a steady decrease in ratings.

It attracted five million viewers after its September 20 premiere, tumbling to 3.8 million viewers and finally, after its last episode, a mere 3.2 million person audience.

The series may have been destined to fail, given that the Parents Television Council called for its boycott and urged sponsors to pull out from the very beginning.

Feminist Gloria Steinem also called for its boycott and NBC’s Salt Lake City affiliate refused to air the programme.

Cibrian, who played lawyer and Playboy Club keyholder Nick Dalton, doesn’t appear to have any other projects in the pipeline.

He does, however, have the love of wife LeAnn to keep him warm at night.


LeAnn, an avid tweeter, never commented on the demise of her husband’s show.

Rather over the last few months have tweeted about the couple various escapades including several exotic trips to locations such as Mexico, Hawaii and Aspen for skiing season.

The couple were pictured showing off their beach bodies in numerous embraces as they continue to enjoy life as newlyweds.

LeAnn and Cibrian married in May last year at a private residence in Malibu, California.

LeAnn fell out of favour with many of her fans when she admitted to having an affair with Cibrian while they were both filming the Lifetime television movie Northern Lights in 2008, while she was still married to Dean Sheremet, one of her backing dancers.

Cibrian was also married – to make up artist Brandi Glanville.

Rimes’ and Sheremet’s divorce was finalised in June 2010 while Glanville and Cibrian’s split was completed in the following September, allowing LeAnn and Eddie to marry last year.

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