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NSFW – Cadet & Calisthenics Athlete by Bodytorium

Andrew “Andrew (19) is from Martin, a central Slovakian town and he recently started to work for the army. He has a tough boy look but he’s actually a really nice, friendly guy. The “tough guy sweetheart” is something I often come across in Slovakia and it still surprises me, even though I’ve had plenty […]

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Fitness Trainer Gets Nude for the Camera (NSFW)

MICHAL – FITNESS TRAINER “Michal, 25, is from eastern Slovakia and spends mosts days at the gym, either coaching his clients or working on his own body. During the spring and summer he also competes in the various street workout and parkour events across Slovakia, for example “King of the North” and “Born to Trick”. […]

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Bruce LaBruce Releases Tom of Finland Gay Porn – “Service Station”

Damn Mathew Camp you are one sexy beast. If there’s one man who changed the course of queer men’s fantasies forever, it’s erotic illustrator Tom of Finland. His influence over the aesthetics of gay sex continues to this day and is sure to last long into the future. For the first time, is partnering […]


Underwear Brand Kust featuring Tommy Hart aka Theatre Bro

We lusted over Tommy Hart aka theatre_bro on Instagram for some time now. That fuzzy body, those ears, perfect. So you can imagine how we felt when seeing him model for underwear brand kust. Check out this new series by Jakub Stachowiak, founder and creative director of premium men’s underwear kust. “ Workout with Tommy Hart” – […]


Wrangler Texas Slim Collection

Wrangler inspires more courage to take risks with the re-launch of the Texas Slim collection. The campaign focuses on the enjoyment of life. For the re-launch of the Texas Slim, Wrangler dedicates the campaign to the audacity and rebellion of the riders of American motorcycle stunt shows. The spirit and the courage to take risks inspired […]

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Trixie Mattel Performs “Malibu” Live at SiriusXM

This is what it looks like when you rise above your peers from “that show” you were on and your talent and creativity shines. Trixie Mattel is one of a kind and winning. Trixie Mattel performs her new song “Malibu” live at SiriusXM Studios. Hear more from VOLUME on our app! Click here for your […]

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Mother and Son Trip Together to Get Rid of Mutual Guilt | Watch Video

“Shaman Steve’s stepson Nik drinks Ayahuasca and journeys for the first time. A son brings his guilt-racked mother who seeks physical healing. “ I am always open to learning and new experiences. Honestly though, most of you probably clicked the link because of my thoughtfully selected thumbnail of beardy dude. And that’s ok, glad you’re […]

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The Warhol Announces Femme Touch Opening April 24, 2020

The Andy Warhol Museum announces Femme Touch, opening April 24, 2019. This museum-wide exhibition is centered around the women and femmes who were intertwined with Andy Warhol’s life and career. From transgender icons and stalwart members of the underground scene, to the artist’s mother and his radical would-be assassin, women and femmes in Warhol’s world played crucial […]

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Oliver-Kinley + Kyle Kupres Create Fireworks in Foxy Photoshoot (NSFW)

To say that we lust this man, Kyle Kupres, would be an understatement. We’d like to bottle his sweat and huff it like poppers during sexy times. Too much? These days you’ll find Kyle in front of and behind the camera. Here he has stepped in front of the lens for Oliver-Kinley for this exquisite […]

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Oliver-Kinley + Kyle Krupres Create Fireworks in Foxy Photoshoot (NSFW)

To say that we lust this man, Kyle Krupes, would be an understatement. We’d like to bottle his sweat and huff it like poppers during sexy times. Too much? These days you’ll find Kyle in front of and behind the camera. Here he has stepped in front of the lens for Oliver-Kinley for this exquisite […]

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Gay-For-Pay Porn Star Explores His Prostate LIVE

You had me at “gay-for-pay”. When you look like Markus Kage I could care less if he identified as a squirrel, I’m all eyes and ears. This is my first time hearing of him but you better believe I’ll be all up and down Google’s ass searching for him. Davey helps gay-for-pay porn star Markus […]

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“ODD VIRTUE” – Photography by Antonio Velez

Antonio Velez is a queer Mexican American photographer and art director from San Francisco, currently in Berlin. He explores eccentric subtleties in his emotional portraiture and aims for character, authenticity, and intrigue. Fashion by Fomme, Effenberger Couture, Clara Merimon, Lil Lapel. –Kaltblut Photography by Antonio Velez / / Instagram Styling by Camille Pailler / / Instagram Via Kaltblut

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Johnny Utah – “4Tounce” Official Music Video

One of the indie scene’s freshest new voices, Johnny Utah, unveiled the video for his new track “4Tounce”. “The song gets special treatment with an accompanying video that reflects the (now) Los Angeles based artist’s humor and light-heartedness — all wrapped in a special three-minute feature. Speaking on the making of the video, Johnny Utah says […]

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CHAV – “Patient Zero” (feat. Brett Castro) Music Video

The more you know. CHAV shares catchy as fuck new track, “Patient Zero,” and hands out some knowledge to the children. “For those less familiar, the term “patient zero” was often used by some in heteronormative society during the crisis as a way of placing blame on the LGBTQ community for the virus’ rapid spread. […]

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Scott Matthew’s voice is smooth like butter. Drench yourself in this holiday track from him featuring SIA titled “Silent Nights”. Scott Matthew feat. SIA available in all digital music stores: ScottMatthew Music & Lyrics: Scott Matthew (Glitterhouse Records) Directed by Kirsten Russell. Art direction from Michael Shannon.  Follow Scott Matthew on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube

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Henry Rollins and Cyndi Lauper Sing Black Flag’s “Rise Above”

This is all I needed for Christmas. Fuck yes. Please start a new super groupe called Cyndi Rollins. The unlikely collaboration happened at Lauper’s Home for the Holidays benefit concert.  Cyndi Lauper hosted her annual Cyndi Lauper & Friends: Home for the Holidays benefit concert in Los Angeles. Proceeds for the show go to True Colors United, which works to prevent […]

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MMA Fighter, Skateboarder, Jason Ellis Opens Up about Being Bi-Sexual

I’ve been seeing the story of MMA fighter, skateboarder & radio host Jason Ellis opening up about sex with men and being bi-sexual popping up all over my computer on all platforms. Completely intrigued, I immediately followed the links and fascinated at what I found. Beyond the obvious, Jason Ellis being a complete stud, he […]

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“Transparent” – Alexander Geist Shares New and Last Music Video

We’ve been a huge Alexander Geist fan since first hearing their “Bad Language” track. Transparent is the seventh and final single from Alexander Geist. Released 9.12.19 Wicked Hag Records, as a cassingle with a B-side remix by Molly Nilsson. Speaking on the visual, Geist tells Highsnobiety in an email that “We tried to make the […]

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One Minute Sculptures – “PINOKIO GANG”

This should definitely be the next viral internet challenge. I have a hard enough time carrying my cereal bowl to the table without spilling milk to do this. #Campaign – Welcome to the Pinokio Gang Gallery. Out friends from Pinokio Gang unveiled their new campaign today. A tribute to Erwin Wurm: One Minute Sculptures. Photographer […]

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Russian protest art collective Pussy Riot releases the song “Hangerz” (feat. Vic Mensa and Junglepussy). Listen to it HERE and video HERE. Earlier this week, they announced a 19-date headline tour across North America which is on sale now and benefits Planned Parenthood. Fronted by Pussy Riot founder Nadya Tolokonnikova, the group will kick off their month-long trek on March 13th in […]

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Igor Dewe – “Using My Body” Like the Very First Time – Music Video

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Igor Dewe is one of the most fascinating creatures on this planet. Igor has just shared a new music video for his song “Using My Body”. Something new, something fresh, for the very first time, using my body like it’s the last time. Get on it. […]

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(NSFW) Merry Sexy F’n Artsy- Fartsy Christmas Video

Genius Nik Dimopoulos, CREATOR, EVENT ORGANISER & ARTISTIC DIRECTOR OF TROUGH X Melbourne @trough_x / TROUGH Sydney / TROUGH London, has made some magic for us. Check out his newest holiday party promo below. Follow Nik Dimopoulos on Instagram and more joy Party info MORE

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NSFW – Michal Photographed by Phil Dlab

Lord have mercy! Stunning beauty struts his stuff for photographer Phil Dlab. A body in motion, stays in motion. Keep on moving Michal and makes sure some captures it on film. Model: Michal. 25, is calisthenics athlete and a professional fitness trainer from Slovakia. Photographer: – Phil Dlab – Follow on Instagram for a […]


LIVE BOLD! Stay Warm with Fall/Winter ABETTERBUZZ Brand Goods

First things first. Beardy models not included. It’s kind of a good news/bad news situation. That’s the bad news. The good news is that you can get your hands on ABETTERBUZZ Brand Goods nad look super badass. Lightening bolt, cloudy day windbreakers for the win. ABETTERBUZZ Brand Goods is creating a culture driven by rural and […]

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We Got a Woody for the Men of Dr. Squatch Soap Company – Video

I too like to smell like pine cones, the sea, and spearmint from the garden! Dr. Squatch Soap Co. has made it possible. What grabbed me by the balls and got my attention first was Dr. Squatch’s knee slapping videos and beardy clad men in speedos. And no, this is not a paid shout out. […]

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Iggy Pop – “Sonali” Video (Dir. Mac DeMarco)

“A week before Iggy Pop released his Free album, he shared “Sonali,” a jazzy, lounge-ready number written by Ruby Sylvain and Leron Thomas. The song was a perfectly surreal environment for Pop’s signature croon, and now it has a music video that multiplies its hallucinatory qualities.” Stereogum Pop has recruited Mac DeMarco to direct the “Sonali” visual. […]