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Inside Spain’s First LGBT Retirement Home

We need to take care of our own at every stage of their lives. Lead by example. Pink News reports:  Federico Armenteros Avila, a well-built man in his mid-sixties, removes heavy padlocked chains from the door of a large, abandoned building in Madrid. It’s set to become Spain’s first LGBT+ retirement home. Once inside, we find […]


SSION’s New “Inherit” Music Video

SSION’s music videos always take me on a full-feature length journey of emotions. No different with his newest must video for “Inherit” off of his new album O, out now. Check out ‘O’ on Bandcamp ‘O’ on iTunes and Apple Music SSION on Spotify Official SSION merchandise HERE Connect With SSION – Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook  


Donnarumma Release Official ‘Rollercoaster’ Video

Donnarumma have a sound that punches you in the face and steals your wallet. The quartet from Adelaide hit hard, combating frustration, angst and desperation through psychotropic indie-rock. Their innovative, genre-jumping arrangements and hook-filled rock on ‘Rollercoaster‘ leaves a lasting impact. Receiving plenty of attention from global tastemakers including triple j, Hysteria Magazine, AAA Backstage and more, the four-piece are excited to reveal the official […]

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Gay Wrestler Dave Marshall Films Homemade Porn to Fight LGBTI Suicides & Awareness

Above image: Gay wrestler Dave Marshall with his ex-boyfriend (left) and during wrestling match (right). | Photos: davemarshall89 and pix.photography / Instagram I mean, it’s for a great cause, I guess I’ll watch. But seriously, if you are struggling, and do not have the money to watch his skin flick, here is the number where you […]


Bob Mould Shares New Song “What Do You Want Me To Do”

Above photo credit: Alicia J Rose   INVITES CAMERA CREW IN STUDIO FOR FIRST TIME EVER IN NEW ‘SUNSHINE ROCK STUDIO SESSION’   NEW ALBUM SUNSHINE ROCK AVAILABLE FEBRUARY 8 VIA MERGE RECORDS Today, Bob Mould releases the song “What Do You Want Me To Do” from his new full-length album Sunshine Rock, out February […]

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Ginger is My Favorite Flavor Calendar | RED HOT 2019

It is calendar season, for those that still aren’t switched for a digital one. Each year, I cannot lie, I am always on the lookout for the new crop of ginger models used for the Red Hot American Boys Calendar. 2019 does not look to disappoint. Get your hands on  it here Red Hot is the brain-child […]


YUNGBLUD – “Kill Somebody” Music Video Gives Me the Feels

YUNGBLUD says this about his new music video “Kill Somebody” – “this song is about a pretty dark place i found in my mind. at first it really scared me. but i learned to talk about it. mental health is finally being taken seriously and this song helped me free myself from the weight of it for […]

Male Model

Piero Rechia Photographed by Maximiliano Jorquera

Who misses summer? Also, speedo and boots…I’m all about it. Model: Piero Rechia | Instagram Photographer: Maximiliano Jorquera | Instagram  Stylists: Matias Amengual, Romina Morales Grooming: Mujer Gallina Via madeinbrazilmag.com

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NSFW | New Erotic Art Film from Antonio Da Silva | Cruising Poetry

I don’t know about you but I feel like getting dirty. Like rolling around in the mud dirty and holding Trump lovin’ Kellers face down in the mud. CRUISING POETRY de Antonio Da Silva Cruising is usually associated to dark, dirty and hidden places where men meet for casual sex. There is a lot of prejudice […]


Badass Artist You Should Know | Polly Nor

Take some time to get to know artist Polly Nor. She reflects on the epidemic of female anxiety in the internet age. “Polly Nor draws the demons that live inside of all women. She says: “I draw women and their demons.” – Her recent body of work features a range of hand drawn illustration, digital illustration, […]

Music Music Video

François Sagat and Igor Dewe’s “Trust Me” Music Video Will Get Your Rocks Off

Two undeniable power houses, François Sagat and Igor Dewe, collide in new music video “Trust Me.” Take it from me, trust no one.   Find on iTunes EP CHAMELIA HERE Music Produce by Igor Dewe Lyrics: Igor Dewe Composer : Jona Davis, Igor Dewe


We Are Not Worthy of the Genius of John Grant | New Album Gives Me Life

I was about to hang myself with a political noose, this new album is something to live for. “Love’s a shitshow that requires work…. But nothing can distract from the fact that, in spite of it all, love is still magic.”   The man, John Grant is a genius, too good for this world and shits […]


Mrs. Smith —”The Bob Ross Technique” Music Video

Shred guitarist and cat-lover Mrs. Smith delivers a heavy metal ode to public television personality Bob Ross and happy little trees everywhere. Guest solo by Randy Willcox Video concept by Mrs. Smith Directed and edited by Drew Kaufman Mrs. Smith’s most excellent debut EP, Introducing Mrs. Smith, available for pre-order now.

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“The Seed” by Noel Alejandro | NSFW

BERLIN​ – The Seed, the new erotic film by Barcelona-born gay erotica director Noel Alejandro, brings the spotlight to Berlin’s daytime underground scene. Once again, Noel Alejandro uses the language of sex to debate the undisclosed demons of today’s society. With The Seed, he is willing to open a report on how easy and seductive is the drug […]


FAULTLINES Premiers Video “LOVE IS ALL WE OWN” in ASL (American Sign Language) For National Deaf Awareness Week

Faultlines is an acoustic folk-pop group known for their three-part harmonies that warm like the California sun and lyrics that speak to the gritty, universal interhuman experience. “I wrote LOVE IS ALL WE OWN for audiences to sing along,” said songwriter John Flanagan. “It’s a counter-protest song to RAIN.  Both songs acknowledge our current political […]



For Julian Zigerli’s 15th collection, the brand wanted to celebrate their own history and have used their archive to inspire key shapes for A/W18. The best of Zigerli’s pieces which show effortless wearability and comfort are fused with new photography, fabrics and colours. One of the key pieces is the ‘Buttpack’: a signature piece, with […]



I’m not sure what’s going on, but the guys are hot so here we are. Follow EA11SV at www.ea11sv.com and  instagram.com/ea11sv Models/photographers: Ivan Grgic @ivngrgc, Mate Jonjic @matejonjic, Marko Kasalo @marko_tulu, Filip Matesic @matesic_filip, Matija Milutin @blueseaskybluered, Lucijan Mirdita, Stas Mlinar @autobiografija, Mario Vurdelja @marioprizmic