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Jimmy Fallon & Paul Rudd Recreate Styx Music Video

Jimmy Fallon & Paul Rudd Recreate Styx Music Video

Jimmy and Paul do a shot-for-shot remake of the classic 1981 video for Styx’s “Too Much Time On My Hands.” That jumpsuit on Paul is everything. Video by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Jamie Morgan

Grace Wales Bonner Shares Fashion Through Great Stories

  Beautiful imagery via Dazed: Grace Wales Bonner is one of contemporary fashion’s great storytellers. Using clothes and their presentation as her medium, she tells stories that explore race, colonialism and diaspora – her SS16 ‘Malik’ collection was prime example. “It explores the story of Malik Ambar an Ethiopian ex-slave who moved to Western India and became a

Headway | Magical Tight Rope Routine in Magical Jungel | Video

Video Louis Boniface

Sylvester Ulv photographed by Oliver Shipton for Odda Magazine

  Sylvester Ulv photographed by Oliver Shipton and styled by Graham Cruz, for the latest issue of Odda magazine. Art Direction: Alva Galim

Wonder Boys12

Wonder Boys | Photographed by Szilveszter Mako

Anej Sosic, Rok Vrecer and Timi Letonja at ZTModels photographed by Szilveszter Mako and styled with pieces from Prada, Valentino, Guntas, Raf Simons, Roberto Cavalli, Gucci and Costume National, in exclusive for Fucking Young! Online.

Taco cat Shares Music Video for “Talk”

Tacocat’s moody “Talk” gets the ultraviolet treatment in this new music video from director Marcy Stone-Francois.  Tacocat’s highly-anticipated new album Lost Time is out now on CD/LP/Digital/Cassette. Order your copy today from Video by hardlyartrecords

Tub Talk with Dr George Forgan-Smith: PrEP in Australia, Men’s Health, Mental Health Stigma, & Much More | Videos

Tub Talk with Dr George Forgan-Smith. Topics: PrEP, availability of PrEP in Australia, sex education, communication, LGBTQ or LGBTQIAQ or… other?, how to talk to your doctor, sex shaming, random questions brought to you by Mike, anal leakage, mental health, anxiety medicine and ejaculation, normalizing mental health, and much more! For the first time I

Watch Islands’ “No Milk, No Sugar” Music Video

The video was directed by frontman Nick Thorburn and produced by Jash, the entertainment network founded by Sarah Silverman, Michael Cera, Tim And Eric, and Reggie Watts. Video from buh Taste and Should I Remain Here, At Sea? are out 5/13. Pre-order them at PledgeMusic.

Star Wars Gets The Gay Bar it Needed, The Outer Rim | Fan Film Hits a Home Run

After the events of Episode VII, General Leia stops at The Outer Rim bar for a drink to help her forget all her problems. No luck with the men. Hmmm why could that be? This video was better then the movie! Amazing The Ryan and Amy Show. Off to watch it for the third time. Do

Watch Florist’s Tiny Desk Concert for NPR Music | Video

I love how purposefully awkward the lead singer has made herself look. Oh fashion, you so crazy. In Florist, Emily Sprague and her Catskills friends sing quiet, delicate songs filled with vivid memories. “Vacation” is about growing up and learning about love. “These two songs are from Florist’s 2015 EP, Holdly, while the band closes

T’aint by Ashish

Connect the Dot Porn Art T-Shirt Designs by London-Based Designer | T’aint by Ashish

  “I wanted to combine my two favourite things; sex and fashion!“, said London-based designer Ashish, explaining the thought process behind his new project, a selection of T-shirts under the provocative name of T’aint by Ashish. Featuring flocked prints of pornographic imagery illustrated in a playful dot- to-dot format, the designs can easily be worn without the fear

Diego Barrueco11

Diego Barrueco Photographed by Olivier Rieu for Vulcan Magazine

  Diego Barrueco photographed by Olivier Rieu for the latest issue of Vulcan magazine. Find Diego Barrueco on Instagram  


fingercroxx Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

fingercroxx‘s Spring/Summer collection explores a range of American urban styles. Director: David Shadi Perez

White Lung – “Below” Official Video

Check out White Lung;s new video for “Below.” ) Taken from the new album “Paradise”, coming May 6 on Domino. Pre-order now: | Get on iTunes

Francesco Cavicchioli8

“Empty Spaces” Model Riccardo Passivanti Photographed by Francesco Cavicchioli

  “Empty Spaces” Photographed by Francesco Cavicchioli Styled by Stefano Guerrini Model Riccardo Passavanti Photo assistant by Andrè Romain

Bad JohnPaul4

“Last Night” Mark Rector Shot by Bad JohnPaul

   Model: Mark Rector | Find on Instagram Photographer: Bad JohnPaul | Facebook

Cole Monahan

Marcuse Swimwear Summer 2016 Collection Featuring Model Cole Monahan

  Marcuse just launched the new campaign from Summer Collection 2016, featuring handsome male model Cole Monahan shot by photographer Stevan Reyes. Shot in Miami the first campaign of Marcuse outside Australia. Dreaming of how amazing it would look if his body hair was all grown in.


Leopold Nunan Premieres “Got to Be Strong” Music Video

From club kid to music maker and now director. Leopold Nunan is proud in being a survivor in the La La Land. Done it all and seen it all, now it’s time to make music and let world know what he experienced through music. He did it all to make money and survive in LA,

Check Your Balls Men | Friendly Reminder from the Guys at Steam Room Stories | Video

We all get caught up with life and as much as we think about dick, we forget about some basic dick maintenance. Testicular cancer is no joke. Please check yourself regularly. Learn more at

The New Wave of American Masculinity | Video

In my humble opinion, this is amazing and all men should be made to participate. Growth happens continuously through life until the end. Except and embrace it men. “VICE UK Correspondent Gavin Haynes has come to the United States to determine what masculinity means to the American man. Though stereotypically masculine acts like fraternity hazings,

HIV & AIDS: Why Aren’t We Talking? Re-Start the Conversation|Neil Patrick Harris, Daniel Franzese, Nathan Lane, & Tituss Burgess in New PSA for GLAAD

Just like Daniel Franzese wrote on his Instagram Page, “It’s time to re-start the conversation on #HIV and #AIDS.” Check out the new PSA for GLAAD featuring Neil Patrick Harris, Daniel Franzese, Nathan Lane, & Tituss Burgess.   For more information about GLAAD’s work, please visit, Facebook, and Twitter.   WATCH: It's time to re-start the conversation on #HIV and #AIDS.

The Younger Lovers Video for “Poseur” Features Hot Glory Hole Action

The Bay Area’s own, The Younger Lovers, have just released a new music video for “Poseur.” For any of us (Oh, of course not you) have spent time making “friends” in public restrooms, you’ll get a kick out of this. What I love most about front man of The Younger Lovers, Brontez Purnell, is that he always has this

Iggy Pop Performs “Lust For Life” on Jimmy Kimmel Live and It’s Fantastic | Video

Thoughts: Iggy Pop moves his tongue around like a person who has no teeth. He must be a total stud in the bedroom. Slamming body. Hair of a teenager. Legend. Video from Jimmy Kimmel Live

Tegan and Sara – “Boyfriend” Official Music Video

Tegan and Sara have shared a new music video for Boyfriend from the album Love You to Death, available June 3rd. Video directed by Clea Duvall, featuring Rachel Antonoff, Sarah Ramos and Mae Whitman. Preorder here and get this song plus “U-turn” instantly: and on iTunes  Links: Follow Tegan and Sara on Facebook, Twitter, and at

“This Election’s Witch Hunt” by Mrs. Betty Bowers, America’s Best Christian | Video

“Mrs. Betty Bowers, America’s Best Christian™, is sharing this ungodly video with you so you can join her in laughing at the fact-obsessed libs.” Our government leaders are shameful and embarrassing. Video by Mrs. Betty Bowers, America’s Best Christian

Chronicker Photography

Beard Meets Boudoir in this Cheeky “Dudeoir” Photo Series by Chad Castigliano

  This big burly dude + boudoir photography is becoming and I’m not complaining. See also recent post, Incredibly Sexy ‘Real Size’ Man Poses in a Traditional Boudoir Photo Shoot Beard meets boudoir in this cheeky “dudeoir” photo series by Chad Castigliano of Chronicker Photography. The photographer’s manly model is an Arizona wildland firefighter named Tim Wilson,


Prince Harry & The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in PSA to End Stigma Around Mental Health | Video

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry spearhead a new campaign called Heads Together in partnership with inspiring charities to end stigma around mental health. The campaign has the huge privilege of being the 2017 Virgin Money London Marathon Charity of the Year. Join us or run for Heads Together in the London

Bob Mould Kills it Live on Colbert and Teaches Us How to Play Guitar | Video

Legendary Minneapolis rocker Bob Mould performs a song off of his 12th studio album, “Patch The Sky.” Bob, we bow to you. Legendary rocker Bob Mould is a guitar teacher now. He welcomes your feedback. Not! They don’t get any cuter than Mould. Damn you (shakes hands to sky), all that talent and handsome, you’ve

Brendan Maclean Shares Short Film With Powerful Statement “Hotel Drowning” | NSFW

Anything Australian singer Brendan Maclean touches turns to gold. This new piece of art is no exception. Maclean teamed up with director Matto C. Lucas on this short film titled “Hotel Drowning,” with the original score “New York Let’s You Know” by Maclean. The video is filled with intense struggle and imagery. I once took a bath with

Watch Bob Mould & Suicide Commandos Cover Prince’s “When You Were Mine” At Minneapolis’ First Avenue

Bob Mould and Suicide Commandos performing “When You Were Mine” by Prince. First Avenue. Minneapolis, MN 22 April 2016. “Immediately after Prince’s passing, fellow Minneapolis music hero Bob Mould shared a lengthy eulogy. And on Friday night, the former Hüsker Dü frontman played a show at the legendary Minneapolis venue First Avenue, which served as the

Satanic BDSM Babies Crash Anti-Abortion Protest | Video

The more you know…. “In response to a nationwide Planned Parenthood protest on April 23, 2016 members of The Satanic Temple of Detroit crashed the event dressed in bondage fetish wear, baby masks and diapers and engaged in group flagellation. The performers were then painted gold by adoring fetal idolizers. The action was intended to

“My Brother’s Keeper” |Kray Twins Editorial

photographed by Condry Calvin Mlilo Art direction: Condry Calvin Mlilo Photographers assistant: Alisa Vaseghia Assistant: Faye Fearon Hair: Charlie Wilkinson Using Three Chairs Grooming hair product Make-up: Abbi Rose using Kat Burki skin care, MAC cosmetics and Bobbi Brown H/T Fuckingyoung

Moto Guo10

Moto Guo Fall/Winter 2016 Campaign | B-A-N-A-N-A

  B-A-N-A-N-A Moto Guo unveiled its Fall/Winter 2016 campaign, featuring Mateusz Dyduch at Wu Models photographed by Zhong Lin. Art direction: Zhong Lin, Kinder Eng, Moto Guo Stylist: Kinder Eng Hair: Mei Choi Make-up: Laine Wong

Bruce Weber15

“Coming of Age” by Bruce Weber for Hercules Magazine

“Coming of Age” Bruce Weber captured this story for the 10th anniversary issue of Hercules magazine.  Find this issue here 

Shi Chang3

“Babyhood” – Shi Chang Fall/Winter 2016 Campaign

  Shi Chang shares the lookbook for his “Babyhood” collection, featuring Roberto Sipos at Soul Artist Management photographed by Runxi Wang. Make-up: Tatyana Harkoff Hair: Andy Tseng Assistant: Qiayi Hu

Ithaca College Students See “Beyond Body” Images | Video

Ithaca College students share why they see “beyond body.” These clips are excerpted from longer interviews that will be released soon. C Beyond Body wants you to “Join Us. Tell your story #ICBeyondBody Little known fact, I was actually born and raised in Ithaca, NY. Video from IC Beyond Body by Dan Verderosa, A person’s worth is tied

“No Pay? No Intern! No Fashion!“ Collection from Jongyeol Bae Speaks Up Against the Social Injustice

  Jongyeol Bae is studying fashion design at Parsons in NYC. With his graduate collection titled “NO PAY? NO INTERN! NO FASHION!“, the designer wants to speak up against the social injustice of unpaid internships and let his clothes “fight against socio-economic inequality and fair pay for our generation!“. Photography: John Strohbusch Model: Juwon Kim

How to Patch Your Jeans | A Levi’s Video

Learn how to patch your jeans to reinforce a worn spot or to add a flash of your own style. Watch Levi’s Master Tailor Ryan as he shows you how to give an old pair of jeans new life. Patching jeans and more at

How to Distress Your Jeans |A Levi’s Video

Good to know… Learn how to make distressed jeans in this step-by-step tutorial. Watch Levi’s Master Tailor Ryan walk through the steps of how to customize and distress your jeans to bring your denim story to life. Distressing jeans and more at

These LGBTQ Homeless Youth are Getting Free Glasses

Mashable reports: When Clay Ferguson was jumped in a New York City coffee shop, his attackers stole his phone, his ID and his money. Then, they broke his glasses. Two weeks later, Clay is still jittery, blinking frantically as he looks anywhere but at me. As he recounts the night, he visibly winces at the