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At-Home STD Testing Service Launches #STDsHappen Initiative


STD stigma and a lack of high quality sexual education has far-reaching consequences. Misinformation about safe sex practices and STD-shaming has spurred an epidemic of sexually transmitted infections in the U.S. After years of decline, STD rates have skyrocketed in the last two years. To start a real and honest conversation about STDs, is launching #STDsHappen, with a video that uncovers the real reasons why people do not get tested or demand safe sex from their partners. 
Each year, 20 million people are infected with STDs in the U.S. Many of these STDs are manageable, if not curable — a message that is often left out of the conversation. A general lack of knowledge about safe sex practices and STD-shaming have perpetuated a serious health crisis within the United States. A new video uncovers the reasons real people forego STD testing., a new at-home STD testing service, is launching #STDsHappen. A social media campaign that encourages an open conversation about safe sex. The initiative encourages individuals to protect themselves and others, by undergoing STD screenings and talking to their partners about testing. Having a frank conversation about STD testing may seem difficult, but the ramifications of an STD or unknowingly infecting a partner are much worse.

The campaign includes a video that asks real people about their experiences with STD testing and the societal stigma surrounding sex. The video reveals that although some people may be proactive about testing, they generally do not safe-guard their health by asking their partners about getting tested.

“Each new partner increases your risk of an STD. Many people put their health at risk simply because they are afraid or embarrassed to have a conversation about testing,” says Hannah Dela Cruz, spokesperson for “A healthy relationship starts with safe sex. Our initiative encourages individuals to get tested and have a healthy discussion about STDs.”

Launched in September 2016, is a new service that delivers at-home STD test kits nationwide. Test kits can be ordered online and are delivered in unmarked, discreet packaging. Samples can be collected within 10 minutes and mailed directly to a CLIA certified and CAP accredited laboratory for testing. Individuals are notified of the availability of their results via email within three to five days. Individuals can login and access these results online through a HIPAA compliant portal.

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About GetTested

GetTested is a new service delivering at-home STD test kits nationwide. Male and female specific lab kits screen for seven of the most common STDs, eliminating uncertainty and allowing individuals to take charge of their sexual health. Samples can be collected in less than 10 minutes, and diagnoses are delivered electronically within a few days. Created in partnership with a CLIA certified and CAP accredited laboratory, GetTested ensures rapid but accurate results delivered to consumers’ fingertips through a HIPAA compliant portal. For more information, visit

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