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Artist Spotlight | Sieb Catches Feelings of Reflection, Melancholia and Loneliness with Beatuful Results




We recently featured some great photographs by Guaizine, of the artist Sieb engulfed in a sweater (See Here), and now we are excited to share Sieb’s art. We asked him to tell us a little bit about himself.

“My name is Sieb, which is a rather common name in The Netherlands where I was born in 1970.

I studied at the Art school and for most part of my life I worked and lived in Amsterdam.  After living city life to the max I decided to follow a dream I had since many years ; living in Italy.  Since 8 years I am living now in a secluded house in the Apennine mountain Range with my 3 dogs and 1 productive chicken.


My artworks are acrylics on canvas and can be defined as naive figurative art, with  influences from the world of comic/manga and computer-rendered images.

Also my trips around the world (and especially India) are a big influence on my work. I use clear lines and bright colors. Even though my work can be considered as comic-book style, I want my (self)portraits to feel human, touchable, maybe lovable.

I try to catch my daily feelings ; especially those moments of reflection, melancholia and loneliness. By paying attention to every detail I try to give love to my portraits, because I think that is what I look for: love for myself and love for others beings.”


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