Artist Obsession | Robin Eisenberg’s Work is Out of this World

While scanning through a press release for musician Hollie Cookthe aquatic art work for her newest release grabbed attention. Following the trail back to the artist, I have discovered the awesomeness of Robin Eisenberg. Bright, graphic, futuristic images of pure seduction.

Robin Eisenberg has this to say about herself;

Hi! I’m an artist and designer in Los Angeles.

I spend most  of my life at this desk and it’s my favorite place! When I’m not drawing, I like walking dogs, drinking almond milk tea, reading in bed, making both real and imaginary travel plans, watching Star Trek, and trying to cultivate my dream cactus garden.

I can honestly say my life is better with this discovery of Robin Eisenberg.

Follow her and see a ton more work on Facebook, Instagram, and at But most importantly, support the artist you love, and if you can, buy their work. Check out all of Robin Eisenberg’s rad merch here: