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Artist Jared Gelman Debuts New Video for “Proximity”

Rising LA-based pop star Jared Gelman has released a new music video for his song “Proximity,” just in time to kick-off pride month. The video premiered this weekend at the 4th Annual QueerX Festival in West Hollywood and is now available to watch exclusively through Revry.

“The song itself has a lot of sexual undertones, so I wanted to juxtapose that with a video that solely featured me” says Gelman about the visuals for his video. Diving deeper into his artistic choices, he continues, “The aim was to maintain the sonic undertones of intimacy, even when parts of the visual were more in your face.” The creative direction for the video was done with Taylor Kahan and Aaron Wolfberg, and edited completely by Gelman himself.

Pop singer, writer, and subversive performer Jared Gelman has never been shy about standing up for what he believes in. Growing up in a New Jersey suburb, located right outside of New York City, Gelman noticed others’ reactions to his unconventional presentation—his unique style and at times, eccentric ensembles, were not always accepted nor understood. Coming to terms with his queer identity (and his relationship to the world around him) directly inspired his desire to get into music. Between his catchy hooks, captivating stage presence, and in-your-face visuals, it’s Gelman’s unapologetic sense of self that will continue to propel his career to new heights.

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