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Art: “Through Thick & Thin” by Christopher Allen :: A Man and His His Best Friend, The Polar Bear

We have fallen in love with artist Christopher Allen’s work in the past and he has tickled us pink again with this piece. To see the incredible process in which goes into each piece of work, scroll down to watch video  of the editing process. Find out more about Chris here and √ him on FACEBOOK.

Christopher Allen

“Light contortionist, shadow manipulator, & pixel pusher.

Art has been an integral part of my life since a very young age and I am extremely grateful for the family, friends, loved ones, and educators who have pushed me and inspired me to do better. I have learned to marry my love of technology and art with photography and image manipulation. I went to the Art Institutes International Minnesota for a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography and had the humbling experience to intern for Aaron Nace of in October 2011.

Since that time I have learned to enjoy the challenges within the chaos of portraiture, silent difficulties of tabletop photography, as well as finding solace in the extreme time commitment within Photoshop.”




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