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Art for Artpocalypse: “This Rapture Will Be Facebooked”

Powerful image!
“This Rapture Will Be Facebooked” is included in “Artpocalypse”, a new exhibit at the Dunes Gallery in Washington DC. Organized by Dana Ellyn, over 20 established and undiscovered artists created works of art that predict and parody what might happen to us all on the night of December 21, 2012.   Beginning at 7:00pm on the 21st of December, the general public is invited to come to The Dunes gallery in Columbia Heights to help celebrate and party away our final moments on Earth.  Come sample the unique paintings and sculpture while enjoying inspired music and drink as we all wait for ‘the end’ together.  Because, if the end of the world is coming, we might as well enjoy it and be with friends. Drink specials include The Zombie, Dark and Stormies, and Corpse Reviver.  For more information and exhibit catalog, visit:
Brooks Studio
Brooks Studio
Scott G Brooks lives and works in Washington, DC and his work has been exhibited in nationally and internationally, including Rome, Australia, United Kingdom, Los Angeles and New York. More work and information is at He most recently worked with musician Tom Goss to create the music video for “Make Believe”.  See video below:

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