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Arousing Behind the Scene Pics from Cub Camp 2013 Calendar: Hot Damn!

We featured this calendar awhile back, as long as their mentionable Cum Rag towel,  but they are on our minds everyday!

First step after receiving my Cub Camp 2013 Calendar in the mail and am going to run and get it laminated so it doesn’t get sticky (wink). Cub Camp 2013 Calendar is the perfect amount of undress to push ALL of my button. Something left up to the imagination is what turns me on. Model choice for the calendar is on the money! I recently got a hold of heaps of behind the scenes photos of the men during their shoots. Swoon!

Promoter/Resident DJ at Cub Camp  Scooter McCreight writes:

Cub Camp is a party in Toronto at The Beaver that has been going on for just over 2 years, but also has been in NYC and Provincetown this past year. This calendar is an art project that I was the creative director which was inspired by the party. The calendar is a capture of the bartenders, DJs, door staff and other boys that come to the party.  We produced this calendar and a portion of the profits are going to the Will Munro Fund for Queers and Trans Youth Living With Cancer.  And it was shot by Drasko Bogdanovic.”

The calendars can be purchased HERE  for only $20. What is that, like 4 fancy coffee drinks?



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