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aNoteToMyKid.com: Heartwarming Messages of Love from Parents, Family and Friends of LGBT People (PHOTOS)

This is very special. aNoteToMyKid.com is a simple, loving way for parents, family members and friends to express to the world the love they have for the LGBTQ person in there lives. The devil advocate sitting on my shoulder must point out that this must sting a little to those who do not have the approval of their family. All the more reason to reach out to your friends. Below I added sweet letter from a mom and a dad to their gay son from aNoteToMyKid.com.

via Huffington Post

In searching for a way to give back to the LGBTQ community, Michael Volpatt and I created aaNoteToMyKid.com, a grassroots movement that gives everyone — parents, family, and friends — the opportunity to express unconditional love for the LGBTQ people in their lives. The nonprofit’s purpose is to remind people that there is a lot of love out there, to bring family and friends closer together, and to give parents and others who may not know how to broach the subject of sexuality an opportunity to learn from example.

The site was inspired when Rosey, a close friend of Michael’s, contacted him because her son was coming out of the closet and she wasn’t sure how to best deal with it. She asked Michael if she could speak with his mother, Sharon, with the hope that she’d ultimately learn how to be there for her son during his coming out process.

Always willing to lend a helping hand, Michael sent an email to his mom telling her about Rosey’s situation and asking if she’d let Rosey call her. Michael’s mom replied with the email we posted on aNoteToMyKid.com (see the first slide below), explaining what she would say if Rosey were to call.

Michael originally posted the note on Facebook, and I called him immediately after I read it one morning before work. I told him we’ve got to create a site where parents, family members, and friends can share these kinds of stories. The impact could be huge. He enthusiastically agreed, and shortly thereafter aNoteToMyKid.com was born.

aNoteToMyKid.com hopes that the unconditional love shared on the site will help instill the confidence needed for LGBTQ people to live positive and productive lives. We also hope the stories featured on aNoteToMyKid.com will offer a glimmer of hope for those in the LGBTQ community who feel that their parents, family, and friends may not accept them for who they are. The more than 60 notes and photo posts from all over the U.S. and as far away as the Czech Republic, Canada, England, and Scotland demonstrate how some family members initially found it difficult to accept their child’s sexuality but in the end made the conscious decision to love their children unconditionally.

Below we share 10 notes and photos from the site. You can read more notes, view videos, and check out photo messages written by parents, family, and friends at aNoteToMyKid.com. You can also find aNoteToMyKid.com on Facebook.

Dear Patrick,

I know that you already know everything that I will write here, and that is part of the reason that I have never written this letter. Being the expert and professional writer that you are, I also know that you have an understanding of the power of the written word. It can be repeated over and over without changing, and the author can never claim that is not what he said. Things that you like to hear you can “hear” as many times as you care to read them. And so I wish to make this permanent record.

I will not pretend that I was not disappointed when I learned that you were gay. My disappointment was primarily driven by my belief that you would be forced to endure a life of ridicule and prejudice. I now believe that our society has improved in that regard to the point that you may now even enjoy an advantage in some respects by belonging to a group that has so many wonderful and talented members who stick together and promote each other. Your partner, Mike, is a perfect example! Just like you and so many of your friends and associates, he is smart, polite, mature, industrious, respectful and respectable. You are both valuable citizens of this great country (still with faults, but great nonetheless), and you deserve the same equal treatment as everyone!

You and I know that our society has a long way to go, and we must continue to publicly denounce prejudice of all kinds. There is no room in our society for any prejudice, including prejudice mandated by the government.

I do not love you because you are gay; I do not love you even though you are gay; I love you because you are my son and because you are such a wonderful person.

–Your Father

Dear Patrick,

You have been my son for almost half my life and it has been an amazing ride since the first day you arrived. I am grateful to be able to say that there are very few memories I would prefer to erase. Cat scratch fever would be at the top! The fact that you are gay did not make the list.

I vividly remember the first thought I had after you told me that you were gay. It was 3:00 AM and here I was sitting in bed picturing my tall handsome athletic son at the end of a church aisle waiting for his bride to walk down to meet him. The strangeness of this thought strikes me to this day.

Your one sentence propelled me in a direction I never imagined I would travel. You know I am a worrier. I feared you would be ridiculed, I feared for your health, I feared you would have a hard time getting a job, I feared family would feel sad for us, and I feared people would talk about MY son behind our backs.

It took a little time to realize that I had wasted my worry card. You are an amazing young man. You have risen above any ridicule you may have encountered, you have made good health a high priority, you have a wonderful career, you have the love and support of a large extended family, and you have brought amazing people into our lives. As for any whisperers behind our backs, they can just stay there. Who needs them?

I am so proud of you, Patrick. You are a wonderful son, brother, uncle, and partner. You always have time for your family and friends and you make each of us feel important. I am proud that you have embraced being gay and are able to live your life honestly. Thank you for guiding us so gently into our new world. We are better people for it. I love you.


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