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Andrew Christian’s 8 Men, 1 Bus New Video: “Road Trip” Part 1 (UNRATED)

We liked the shot below for are purposes of course, Art!

You like fluff? Yeah, we kind of thought you did! Andrew Christian released his newest video of his underwear wearing gang today. Cute, but truth be told it’s a little hard to sit through the whole video, so I did twice. I’m just going to say it, as gay men we are always hoping for a cock shot. There now that’s off my chest.

Oh, for those who really don’t know, Andrew Christian is an underwear designer and playfully sticking his toe in the short film/ Ad business lately.

Shop the styles shown at: andrewchristianshop.com


Music By: Bombastic” by Salme Dahlstrom / Getty Images
Quinn Jaxon
Colby Melvin
Brandon Brown
Jason Medina
Johnathan Meyers
Cory Lee
Vladimir Shmygol
Cory Frederick

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