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Anderson Cooper Give Advice to Budding Journalists(Video)

An audience member on Anderson Cooper’s day time talk show asked him if he had any tips for a budding Journalists. Anderson’s answer basically boiled down to, hard work and long hours.  He went on to name his favorite journalists and those who have influenced him. Well no, I was never mentioned, so immediately think it was rigged.

(Huff Post)

Anderson Cooper answered audience questions between segments of his daytime talk show on Friday.

When asked to name his favorite journalist, Cooper jokingly said, “um — me.”

Cooper then honestly answered the question and named his “60 Minutes” colleague Bob Simon, as being one of his favorite journalists.

He also named Life magazine’s first African American photographer, Gordon Parks. “He was a remarkable guy…and he really inspired me,” Cooper said of Parks.

Cooper has been asked journalism-related questions by audience members before. In mid-November, he was asked to give career advice to budding reporters. “Never underestimate the value…of out-hustling everybody else,” Cooper said.

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