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Anderson Cooper Comic Book Reflects CNN Anchor’s Life As Openly Gay Journalist


Anderson Cooper


So, this is happening. Please tell me he turns into a super hero named Silver Fox!

Anderson Cooper will star in his own  comic book. He has become became the subject of Bluewater Production’s latest comic book. The biographical project will be released on June 19 and is titled “Political Power.”

The book will reflect his life as an out and proud gay journalist, written by comic book author Michael Troy.

In a press release sent to HuffPost Gay Voices, Troy said he was honored to tell Cooper’s story.

“Anderson Cooper the man is easily as fascinating as the stories he reports,” Troy said. “I was honored to bring his story to life.”

Cooper’s comic will be released amongst others such as Jon Stewart, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Marco Rubio.

The comic book is available on iTunes for $1.99 and at Comic Flea Market for $3.99.


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