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An Idea That Turned Into A Passion: Happy Birthday Accidental Bear Video Wishes From Familiar Faces



Today Accidental Bear Website turns one year old and we couldn’t be any happier of the direction we are going. An idea turned into a hobby, that turned into a job, that has now turned into my passion.  There are many websites out there bringing you LGBT news and entertainment, so we thank you for checking in and seeing what we are up too. We like to think we have a finger on the pulse.

This next year we plan on growing, improving and have big plans. See you on the web or in the streets!  Do me a favor, turn to the person to your right or left and give them a BEAR HUG from Accidental Bear.

Mike Enders/ owner


A special thanks to following for being part of the birthday video:

CHRISTEENE, Michael ONeill (MEN), Chloe “I like Toast” Sevigny, Colby Keller, Bob Mould, Adam Boehmer, The Healthy Bear, Johnny Pearman, Karl Marxxx, Eric Himan, Stefano Guerrini, Kevin Johnson (Boots & Bryant), Zach Spire (BearYogaSF), Inbred Hybrid Collective, Rich Morel, Chris Sollars, Benjamin Dukhan, Simply Martha Plimpton, Sissydude and many more wonderful folks!!

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