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An Epidemic of Attacks on LGBT People in Washington DC: 6 Attacks in Past 10 Days: VIDEO

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Daily Kos reports:

The District of Columbia has some of the best legal protection for transpeople against discrimination.  That results in lots of transpeople moving there in order to transition…and in transpeople being more open about who they are.

Unfortunately that also elevates the level of visibility of transpeople to those who wish to prey upon us…and hence the District has one of the highest rates of crimes with transgender victims.

Violence against LGBT people has been running at near epidemic levels the past ten days, with 6 incidents…four of which had transgender victims.


A slightly different view by The WaPo :

Some advocates agree that several of the incidents, two of which occurred Saturday, were most likely not motivated by sexual orientation. But they say all should be highlighted because a vulnerable group is involved and the public should know what’s happening.

Others disagree. Diane Davis of Temple Hills, the aunt of recent homicide victim Malika Stover, was angry when advocates distributed a funeral notice that read: “Shooting claims life of LGBT [lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender] victim.” Stover, 35, who was a lesbian, was not killed because she was gay, Davis said.

“She was a person, not a label,” said Davis, who thinks her niece was slain in a June 22 robbery of a dice game near her childhood home in Southeast Washington’s Barry Farm. “That funeral statement contradicts what I think happened.”

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