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Although Discredited, Gay Conversion Therapy Remains an Option for Minors

Chaim Levin, Michael Ferguson, Seth Anderson
Chaim Levin, left, of Brooklyn. NY, and Michael Ferguson, far right, of Salt Lake City, are two of four gay men accusing a New Jersey organization of selling “conversion therapy” services promising to make them straight. At a November news conference, they said that they were subjected to humiliations, including having to strip naked, or taking a baseball bat to effigies of their mothers. ((AP Photo/Richard Drew))

“Justin Utley was 25 when he began going to Evergreen, a support group in Salt Lake City, Utah, that helped people “diminish same-sex attractions and overcome homosexual behavior.” After returning from his mission trip as a young Mormon, he’d approached his bishop and told him he might be gay—which led him to seek help using a church-recommended practice.

But what was supposed to be the road to a celestial kingdom became a two-year struggle to change his identity, and he left the program to pursue a relationship with another man. Utley, now 35, describes Evergreen as a “conversion therapy support group” that treated homosexuality as a curable addiction.”

“The belief was that you’re only gay if you do something that is gay,” Utley said. Read Full Article HERE

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