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AJR Music Video- “Weak” and What’s Wrong with That?

Full of joy.

“One of the cool things about this song is that listeners are hearing their own weaknesses in the lyrics, so in the video, we used this mysterious light to represent a vice,” AJR says of the visual. “This light would be so blinding and enticing, that it would force Jack toward it. Jack would have no control over his will, until he gets to the light, and pays the price.”

“Directed by Shane Drake (famous for Panic! At the Disco’s finest and everything from Paramore) the video has AJR going wild on the New York subway before lead singer Jack eventually gives into – you guessed it! – temptation despite multiple warnings and essentially everything goes downhill from there. It’s dark and brooding but also can’t help but wink at you with it’s own relatability – which was the trio’s plan all along.” Paper

Video premiered on Paper

Grab the song here:  iTUNES | SPOTIFY


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