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Adult Actor Troy Daniels Gives Accidental Bear a Facial, Talks of Fave Body Part and Berlin: Tub Interview

Is Mike dreaming or did Troy Daniels, adult film actor just give him a homemade facial? Just another day in the life of Mike Accidental Bear Enders, napping, bathing and asking hard hitting questions to porn stars.

In the newest bath tub interview Mike jumps in the tub with Troy Daniels to catch up on the latest. Troy answers a few questions sent in by his fans via Facebook and Twitter. What is Troy’s favorite body part and what color would he be if he were a crayon. On a serious note, they discuss what are some expectations people have of porn actors that may be false.

We also find out the San Francisco Bay Area will be loosing this stud puppy on December 26th when he will be joining his boyfriend in Berlin.

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