Adrien Brody Locks Lips With PacoVolume In His New Music Video “Olaf & Paul”

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Adrien Brody is featured in French artist PacoVolume’s newest music video, Olaf & Paul. The music video is directed by Jack-Antoine Charlot and follows “the poetic story of the uncontrollable love between two men, who are worlds apart”.

I don’t think I have ever mentioned my crush on Adrien Brody and his magnificent nose.

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PACOVOLUME – Olaf & Paul (Official Video) feat. ADRIEN BRODY from Jack Antoine Charlot on Vimeo.


  1. Massive sense of humor? i can do better than this shit, these “pics” that you have on here, calm down just because he’s a “celebrity.” i can stand there and act like i don’t give a shit cuz i don’t. calm down son.