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Adorable New Cooking Series Featuring Three Adorable Scruffy Bears | Watch

“The Three Bears are back – only bigger, grizzlier and more fabulous than ever! Subscribe to Rowse Honey‘s Youtube channel to follow their adventures, and find out more at www.rowsehoney.co.uk”

Meet Joel, Phil and Matt, the stars of a breakfast show with added Grrr, brought to you by Rowse Honey. When it comes to a delicious, high energy breakfast, the Bears know best. For a range of healthy, mouthwatering honey and porridge recipe ideas and inspiration, follow Rowse Honey on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

Most of you will most likely remember Matt Lister from when I first introduced him to you with caption, Possibly The Sexiest Man I’ve Ever Seen, British Athlete, Matthew James Lister By Lee FairclothAnd I’m going to stand by those words.

Find out when the next episodes are coming out and all information at  www.rowsehoney.co.uk