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Adorable Gay Couple Move into an Off the Grid Tiny House – Binge Worthy

These pandemic – shelter-at-home days are tough times for all. We all are finding ourselves with numerous more hours in the day open to figure out what in the hell to do with. Most days I take ‘depression naps.’ I recently watched all of Netflix from beginning to end and raking through my cable box for programs to binge on. Happy to report that I have stumbled on to entertainment gold. A Youtube Channel of two adorable gay dudes, living their dream, and moving into an off the grid tiny home.

I’ve only dipped my toe into their Youtube Channel, Tyler and Todd, but I am not only highly entertained, but inspired by their love and dedication to each other and their dreams.

Tyler and Todd are no strangers to living a life less ordinary. They are making the move into their off the grid tiny home from living in an RV. Personally I’m incredibly inspired by other queers living life outside the box.

Below is their newest video. Be sure to follow them on Youtube and Instagram for more.