“Adidas in Wonderland” by Menswear Students from London College of Fashion

“A group of menswear students from London College of Fashion teamed up with Adidas to create a capsule collection that merge the classicality of tailoring with the functionality of sportswear. The collection explores the concept of climatic extremes by looking at different ideas at two opposites.” 
Menswear Designers: Lukas Neo, Quinlan Lin, Xin Zhang, Yujin Shin
Textiles: Jessica Jasmine, Kasidis Suponhthorn, Kiera O’Sullivan
Photography: Jose Antelmo
Hair & Make-up: Porche Poon and Izzi Cammareri
Models: Ben jordan and Maxwell Carnegie at AMCK
Special Thanks: Alina Moat and May Cheung


Adidas2 Adidas3 Adidas4 Adidas6 Adidas7 Adidas8 Adidas9 Adidas10 Adidas12 Adidas13 Adidas14 Adidas15 Adidas16 Adidas17

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