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Accidental Bears’s Interview with Intoxicating Male Model and Entrepreneur Benjamin Godfre (Video)

Since we have caught wind of male model Benjamin Godfrewe have been all eyes and ears. Bejamin says:

Most people know me as a model.  I’ve been part of the modeling industry for most of my life.  I was just ten years old and living back in Minnesota when I started my training. I took acting classes.  I went on calls.  Soon, I was working as a commercial model.  I booked print campaigns for the Mall of America, Sears and Target, among others.  I booked television commercials as well.

When I was just eighteen, I worked with a photographer named Robert John Guttke who was based in Minneapolis.  This was my introduction to art photography, to working in front of a camera without trying to sell something.  Instead, I was the subject of the work, the image conveyed ME, inside and out.  I posed nude for the first time.  I learned that there is so much more to modeling than just standing there, trying to look good.

Then I moved to California.  I’d felt like it was calling out to me for a long time, and knew I belonged here.”

As some sort of karmic pay back we had the pleasure of catching up with Benjamin for a fun video interview with the help of Chantel. If you are familiar with Benjamin’s other videos on his website and Youtube channel you know that you never can tell what you are going to get but you are going to be thoroughly entertained. Hell, turn on mute and you will still get a visual story from Benjamin’s wildly expressive conversations and passionate descriptions of whatever it is he may be talking about. We had some basic ‘first date’ type questions for Benjamin. Check out the video below to see how that went. Keep your eyes open for the magazine he is producing and catch all the rest of his shenanigans on his website

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