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Accidental Bear Talks “Bear” with Conner Habib, New Now Next’s SEXpert: Video

I was totally stoked when I was asked to make a video for with their resident Sexpert Conner Habib. It just so turns out that the question of the week fit like a glove. Watch below to hear question and advice given to an “Accidental Bear” who is not attracted to bear man.

Conner Habib is back friends, and again this week has a sidekick, Mike Enders, the creator of the very popular site Accidental Bear.

This week, Conor is, not a big shock here, talking about bears. A writer who fits into the Bear mold is wondering how to go about his love life looking like a bear, even though he is not interested in other bears.

Watch above for Conner and Mike’s expert advice, and be sure to check out Conner’s blogand tweet him your questions, and follow Accidental Bear on Twitter as well.

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