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Accidental Bear Picks #1 Holiday Gift for 2012: “Born This Way: Real Stories of Growing Up Gay” by Paul V. Vitagliano


With a full year of consuming, browsing, gazing and absorbing art, fashion, music and culture under our belts, it’s that time to pick our #1 gift for this year’s holiday season. We are strong believers in less and more and not going into debt trying impress and/or show the size of your love in the way of $$$.

This years winner (drum roll please!) is a must have, “Born This Way: Real Stories of Growing Up Gay”! This book is charming, packed with humor, intimate relatable moments for all the gays out there or those gays we knew growing up. This book needs to be on your coffee table,  on the back of your toilet, in your lube-butt plug drawer next to your bed and any place else easy to grab and enjoy.

And this purchase is under $20!

“Born This Way” is a photo/essay project for gay adults of all genders to submit childhood pictures and stories (roughly ages 2 to 12), reflecting the memories and early beginnings of their innate LGBTQ selves. See how nurture allows what nature endows. And it’s their nature, their truth!

The books covers experiences from the 1940’s-1990’s, and features a few LGBT persons of note, including Rep. Barney Frank, Michael Musto, Erasure’s Andy Bell, singer Sia, composer Marc Shaiman, radio host Frank DeCaro, actor Patrick Bristow and more.

Author Paul Vitagliano will be in San Francisco at Books Inc in The Castro on January 17, 2012. Find out more information here.

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Born this Way book visits San Francisco’s Castro District for the holidays!

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