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Accidental Bear Holiday Gift Pick for 2014 | “Cooking with The Bears: Healthy Recipes from Hairy Men” | Book


Each year Accidental Bear Website picks a few of our favorite holiday gifts of the year. Our first pick of the year is this awesome photography – cookbook, Cooking with the Bears | Healthy Recipes by Hairy Men.

Mike Enders, founder of Accidental Bear, was thrilled to be asked to write the foreword of this book!

Realized by Angelo Sindaco, Cooking with the Bears – Healthy Recipes by Hairy Men is the first cook-book dedicated to the Bears’ world.

From Gramigna with Sausages to Guinness Cake, from Folktronic Spaghetti to Alternative Caponata, the 32 recipes collected in this cook-book have been selected by as much members (or couples of members) of the Bear community, portrayed by Angelo Sindaco while preparing their dishes.

The book features a foreword by Mike Enders, founder of AccidentalBear.com, benchmark for gay art, culture, fashion and, most of all, music.

“They say you should lock your food up in closed containers while camping in bear country to keep uninvited bear guests from crashing your campsite, but if these are the kind of bears they’re talking about, we’d set up a four-course candlelit meal to lure them by the hundreds.” (Matthew Tharrett, Queerty.com)

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