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Accidental Bear Helping to End the Abuse, Sale, & Trade of Big Cats World Wide | Visits Big Cat Rescue, Tampa

At the very beginning of starting my project Becoming An Animal Activist, I discovered  what a polarizing and political topic animal rights and activism can be. I immediately wasn’t sure if “activism” was the right term to use in the title of the project. I was quickly pressured into drawing a line in the sand. Staying objective is nearly possible to do. My initial questions were: How do you becoming an animal activist? Do have to be vegan? How do you describe a “sanctuary”? An animal rescue? Zoos, good or bad? Breeding of exotic endangered animals, petting zoos, animals for entertainment and profit, are all topics that popped up while surfing the internet for “animal rights” , “animal welfare” , and “animal care” and  “animal activism.”

I’m not an animal expert, so I’ve set out to find some answers.

My personal passion is cats, big and small (My Instagram will prove that HERE). What I discovered while doing some digging about the abuse of big cats was horrifying. Statistics about the already extinct big cats and those on the critically endanger list gave me the chills. And at this very moment trophy hunting and canned hunting is happening and being promoted in the tourism industry. Seriously, WTF humans! Different organization seem to enjoy being at war with each other. But my perspective on the topics of animal activism so far is, we need to all work together, agree to disagree on certain points, and respect everyone ‘where they are’. Animal rights is not all or nothing.

A few weeks ago I dipped my toes in the water, and began my journey into bringing awareness to big cat abuse world wide. I had the privilege of visiting the Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida, to get first hand experience of the amazing work they are dedicated to, caring for abused and abandoned big cats, and the legislation and laws they are working on to end the abuse, sale, trade, and private ownership of big cats.

I plan on going in much deep on the topics touched in my video I made during my visit to the BCR, but this is my starting point. This is just the beginning.

All info about Big Cat Rescue and how you can help here bigcatrescue.org