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Accidental Bear Drag: NOT America’s Next Drag Super Star: Photographs by Dusti Cunningham

Dusti Cunningham Photography6


Well, there isn’t more clear evidence or proof than this, that Mike Enders of Accidental Bear will NOT be America’s Next Drag Super Star; that doesn’t mean he cannot be America’s sweet heart, and from these pics with legs wide open!

While on a recent trip to LA Mike had some play time with super star Los Angeles photographer Dusti CunninghamDusti is well known for his recgognizable iconic beard and mustache and his creative-specialized photo sets and style.

Mike says, “I’d like to take this time to introduce you to my balls, it was hot day in LA the day of shoot!” Scroll to very bottom of page to see what he’s talking about that never made onto Facebook . In these photos Mike gives us a little bad girl-country-Carol Burnett-trailer trash-clown-chic with a touch of worldly curiosity.

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A little behind the scenes action video below.

Dusti Cunningham Photography3 Dusti Cunningham Photography7 Dusti Cunningham Photography8


Dusti Cunningham Photography9 Dusti Cunningham Photography10 Dusti Cunningham Photography14 Dusti Cunningham Photography15


36 Dusti Cunningham Photography35


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Dusti Cunningham Photography21 Dusti Cunningham Photography28 Dusti Cunningham Photography29


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Two bonus pics below we’ll call Balls and Ass.

Dusitballs Dustibutt