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In 2016 Accidental Bear Site and myself, pledge to concentrate, educate, investigate, and report on two important topics dear to our heart: LGBTQ Seniors/Aging and LGBTQ Mental Health and Suicide Prevention. The cross over of the two subjects are of special interest to me and will be looked at under a microscope. Narrowing down the scope of the Task Force as to help pinpoint issues, we will be focussing on Mental Health and Suicide Prevention of those 24 and older and have aged out of wonderful programs like the Trevor Project and San Francisco’s Larkin Street Youth Center, which are both youth focussed.

Right now we are in the baby steps of building a task force to gather as much information and resources available to us as possible and get it all into one database so we can comb over it and see what needs to be done, addressed, and where we should put our energy first.

We are preferably looking for people to join the task in San Francisco so we can meet up in person once a month and chat and bounce ideas off each other. If you are not in San Francisco you can be a lot of help to us as well by sending us current media stories and articles you come across on the above topics so we can stay on top of the most current information and data to share.

If you may be interesting in helping out or have any questions please email us at

And of course any good Task Force we need to come up with a name. Have any ideas? Email them to us. If you would like to help out but do not have the time think about making a small donation on our Patreon Page to help us fuel this project and cover some basic needs.

#LGBTQcares #URimportant2Me


Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Seniors

Experts estimate that between 1.75 and 4 million Americans ages 60 and over are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT). Existing research suggests that older LGBT adults are satisfied with their lives but many face discrimination based on their sexual orientation as well as their age.

Recognizing the unique needs and concerns of older LGBT adults, the Administration on Aging has provided funding to create the country’s first national technical assistance resource center focused on the health and social disparities faced by LGBT elders. The center will:

  • Educate mainstream aging services organizations about the existence and special needs of LGBT elders
  • Sensitize LGBT organizations to the existence and special needs of older adults
  • Educate LGBT individuals about the importance of planning ahead for future long-term care needs.

In March 2010 Services and Advocacy for GLBT Elders (SAGE) was funded to create the National Resource Center on LGBT Aging. A Resource Center website was launched in October of 2011 and can be accessed at External Web Site Policy.

SAGE is a non-profit agency that has been addressing the needs of LGBT elders for over 30 years. SAGE works with LGBT elders to address and overcome the challenges of discrimination in senior service settings, while also being an essential component in the creation of informal caregiving support, and development of new “family” networks. A network of SAGE affiliates have been created across the country to serve LGBT elders at the local level. External Web Site Policy

A number of additional resources are provided here and are intended to help increase awareness and access to programs for older LGBT adults.

Please select from the resources below to learn more Via

HHS LGBT Health Resources 
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and it’s agencies have created a number of products designed to improve the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals.  DOCS/2012_HHS_LGBT_Resource_Links.pdf

The Aging and Health Report: Disparities and Resilience among Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Older Adults
Aging and health issues facing lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender(LGBT) baby boomers have been largely ignored by services, policies and research. These seniors face higher rates of disability, physical and mental distress and a lack of access to services. This report is designed to help us better understand the aging and health needs of LGBT adults 50 years of age and older. External Web Site Policy

LGBT Aging Issues Network (LAIN) 
LAIN, a constituent group of the American Society on Aging, works to raise awareness about the concerns of LGBT elders and about the unique barriers they encounter in gaining access to housing, healthcare, long-term care and other needed services. LAIN has an excellent Website with a great deal of information including a The LGBT Aging Resources Clearinghouse. External Web Site Policy

National Gay and Lesbian Task Force
The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force is a national organization dedicated to building the grassroots power of the LGBT community. The Task Force has identified aging as a critical issue for the LGBT community. External Web Site Policy

MedlinePlus Gay, Lesbian and Transgender Health Resources
LGBT individuals have special health concerns besides the usual ones that affect most men and women. MedlinePlus has a section on their Website that provides information about these specific health issues.

Tools for Protecting Your Health Care Wishes
A guide prepared by Lambda Legal to assist LGBT in protecting their rights in health care settings External Web Site Policy

Outing Age 2010: Public Policy Issues Affecting Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Elders 
This report provides an in-depth look at public policy issues and challenges facing millions of lesbian, gay,bisexual and transgender people in the United States as they get older. External Web Site Policy

LGBT Older Adults in Long Term Care Facilities: Stories from the Field
This report, funded by the Arcus Foundation, was co-authored by six national organizations reports on the results of a survey conducted to better understand the experiences of LGBT older adults in long-term care settings. External Web Site Policy

Mental Health Resource Here

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