Accidental Bear 2016 Summer T-Shirt Collection Designed by Mattia Caracciolo

Thrilled to share: Accidental Bear 2016 Summer T-Shirt Collection Designed by artist Mattia Caracciolo.

After the popularity of our collaboration for the “Ginger Rocker” Tee Shirt, it was such a joy that we decided that we had to do more together. There is something very special about Mattia Caracciolo’s illustrations that sticks out from the rest and grabs my attention; playful, fun, & sexy. I truly believe in Mattia’s art and it’s appeal to a large audience and happy to represent him to the world!

Find more of  Mattia Caracciolo’s art on Facebook and Instagram.

Be the first to get these NEW tee shirts designs and pre-order now! There will be a limited amount printed. Collect all 3! The shirt should be ready to ship the first week of July!

For any questions please email

T-Shirts are printed on American Apparel tee shirts and run a little small.

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2 new designs added:

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Schermata 2016-06-03 alle 10.27.09 Schermata 2016-06-03 alle 10.29.48

Schermata 2016-06-03 alle 10.24.38


Schermata 2016-06-03 alle 10.27.57

Schermata 2016-06-03 alle 10.30.01 Schermata 2016-06-03 alle 10.31.02  “Merman Walking Shark”


Schermata 2016-06-03 alle 10.32.45 Schermata 2016-06-03 alle 10.34.40 Schermata 2016-06-03 alle 10.35.23


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