Accidental Bear Founder Mike Enders

Queer-centric website for ALL men.

Since launching in December of 2010, Accidental Bear has metamorphosized  into one of the most influential media resources for queer art, culture, fashion, with a heavy focus on music.

We are a platform for singers to sing louder and artists to shine brighter. Spreading the good word of the creatively-minded and the creatively pro-active.

As we have grown, Accidental Bear has gone from aggregating content from the the web to creating its own original-exclusive content with contributors from around the world.

We are here to titillate and expose people to the non-mainstream, the underbelly of art, music, culture and community. We gather pop culture of interest and strive to be queer and different.

Because of high-demand and request, Accidental Bear has launched AB PR and Management to help build, manage and promote budding artists from around the world.

Accidental Bear is based out of San Francisco, CA but has strong international connections and influence.

We are all different, that’s what makes us the same.

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