Accidental Bear Founder Mike Enders

Queer-centric website for ALL men.

Since launching in December of 2010, Accidental Bear has metamorphosized  into one of the most influential media resources for queer art, culture, fashion, with a heavy focus on music.

We are a platform for singers to sing louder and artists to shine brighter. Spreading the good word of the creatively-minded and the creatively pro-active.

As we have grown, Accidental Bear has gone from aggregating content from the the web to creating its own original-exclusive content with contributors from around the world.

We are here to titillate and expose people to the non-mainstream, the underbelly of art, music, culture and community. We gather pop culture of interest and strive to be queer and different.

Because of high-demand and request, Accidental Bear has launched AB PR and Management to help build, manage and promote budding artists from around the world.

Accidental Bear is based out of San Francisco, CA but has strong international connections and influence.

We are all different, that’s what makes us the same.

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  1. First of all I love love love the new banner. A bear with a big mustache is just awesome! Lol. Next I love you and lastly I am so proud(but not at all surprised) by how amazingly successful your blog is! *We are all different, but thats what makes us the same* I love you.

  2. Thanks Mike,
    For creating a platform to help educate and inspire. I think this media has a lot of potential and look forwrad to seeing it grow…
    Big hug to you!

    Gary Uhouse

    1. Thanks Gary! You gave me goose bumps. In almost a year now I am thrilled to see what has become of my site. Now that I am aware that people are listening and reading from all over the world, I am excited for much, much more to come. Big hugs back to you!

  3. Mike
    My name is Michael too! I’m Gary Uhouse’s partner.
    I love what you are doing here. I bow to you.

    Being a fellow pogonophile… I was wondering if you have heard of this website, it is one of my favorites: beardreview.com
    There’s a lot of great art about all things fuzzy.


  4. Aloha Accidental Bear:

    I work with the publishing house listed above. We are always seeing NEW erotic photographers to publish in Book, Calendar and Greeting cards.
    Any suggestions?

    We are particularly interested in the BEAR community. With the closure of 100% BEEF magazine, we have lost a good source. Any suggestions on BEAR photos.

    You may wish to check out our NEW site: Island Studs.com

    It is fun and a little bit different from the standard gay porn. Very Hawaiian! Cheers


  5. actually, in my perusal of this rather thorough site, Mr. T. seems to be the only man of color here. it seems that being white and being able to only see and portray whiteness is what makes you all the same, actually.

  6. tous les artistes on les senses plus developper les artiste gay encore un peut plus ce qui produit les meilleur artistes world wide votre platform et votre vision permet de faire voir a quelle point il ya un talent incroyable dans la comunaute gay merci un gros calin all artist have their sense more develop the gay one even a litel more wich produced the best artist world wide your platform and your vision allow to show the incredibel talent their realy is in the gay comunity tank you hugssss

  7. Hey, mister! Where can I purchase a t-shirt with the logo you use for the “Accidental Bear Favorites Online Store”? It’s an adorable likeness of you.