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A/B Health 2014: Getting Physical with SF Trainer Pablo Escobar: Ep. #1 “Numbers Don’t Lie”

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“Numbers Don’t Lie”

Accidental Bear kicks off the year with a brand new health series, connecting mind, body and spirit. We don’t like the word resolution, so we’ll call it our  yearly re-set or check-in. We will be touching base on many different health modalities throughout this series.

**** Update 1/06/2015 Pablo is now training at Dakadi gym in San Francisco. Find him here

First up to bat is San Francisco Personal Trainer Pablo Escobar at Alex Fitness Castro. In this video #1, which we will call “Numbers Don’t Lie,” we check in and do an initial visit assessment. We will be meeting on a weekly basis, checking in on progress, questions and film video a  diary.

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Find Pablo Escobar on Facebook at Fitness By Pablo for more information or to set up an appointment.


Pablo Escobar
Pablo Escobar

I’m an independent NASM certified personal trainer based in San Francisco, California.

Exercise is more than just engaging in physical activity, it is a lifestyle in which the benefits can be felt emotionally, physically, and cognitively.My passion for exercise began as a child. My excess energy got me out and playing, wanting to test the limits of my body and conquer any fears I had of what I was capable of accomplishing. However, I was unaware of the benefits of regular physical activity at the time. I played sports growing up, sometimes enjoying them, sometimes cringing at the social aspects of a league. However, I remained steadfast in my love to be active. I began traditional exercise regiment in college as a way to help myself mentally, take control of my life and add structure and purpose to my everyday. Exercise provided an outlet for angst, anxiety, and a way to combat negative emotions.Throughout my career in psychology and social services, I found myself constantly recommending exercise to clients and using fitness as a way for self-care. It was when I realized that exercise was a treatment recommendation for much of the emotional problems faced by many people that I decided personal training is the best course of action to take in helping others.- Pablo
Pablo tells me that he is holding me accountable for keeping up with the work outs!



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