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A/B Exclusive Look at Behind the Scene Shots of Cub Camp’s Lip-Smacking 2014 Calendar


The calendar men from the 2014 Cub Camp Calendar are savage (of an animal or force of nature, fierce).


All of the verbs that pop into my mind when looking at these exclusive behind the scene shots that were sent to us from Cub Camp, are actions to put thing into my mouth. This year’s 2014 Cub Camp Calendar has made it impossible to fall in love with just one month. In my mind I am in a polygamist relationship with all 12 of these scruffy calendar men and they will serve me through out the year. What is your calendar guy fantasy?


The 2014 Cub Camp calendar. Featuring photos by Bradley Roberge.

Portion of the sales will be donated to Will Munro Fund for Queer & Trans Youth Living with Cancer

Will ship in early December

Calendar can be picked up HERE



CCC1418 CCC1412 CCC1410 CCC148


Calendar can be picked up HERE



Kyle Kupres, we must publicly announce that we are madly in lust with you!




Calendar can be picked up HERE

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