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A Social Network for HIV+ Gay Men is Bridging Oceans:: POSITIVELYFRISKY.COM

HIV+ Gay Men, confronting a common stigma, once found themselves socially isolated from the broader community. Frankly, it is hard to make new friends when most people at social events don’t understand the true nature of their affliction. As with others, the development of niche social networks on the Internet has removed many of the obstacles to building friendships within and among this previously isolated population. – a community specifically constructed for HIV+ members in the English speaking world (e.g., Ireland, U.K., U.S., South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada) – is proving to be a source of new friendships and emotional support for people who confront the daily ups and downs of living with HIV.

The social network was deployed by Friend Factory – a niche social networking firm that has constructed and deployed communities for the wheelchair users, bariatric and military communities. By surveying members and examining the issues of those living with HIV, Friend Factory has been able to construct an environment conducive to and supportive of the HIV+ community.

Where HIV+ people were previously restricted to making friends in and about their local communities or within organizations for their advocacy, allows these individuals to span oceans. From the comfort of their homes it is now easy to build and maintain friendships with people sharing similar life experiences around the world, and stay current on all the advances in the affliction.

About Friend Factory

Friend Factory has developed a revolutionary social networking platform that is
designed for the ‘big bang’ of channel expansion and audience fragmentation that
similarly propelled television from the age of three networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) to
hundreds of cable channels serving niche audiences – news, food, sports, music, etc.

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