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A Queer Aesthetic by Artist James Whitworth: Mardi Gras Festival Exhibition in Australia



“Although Australia’s ABC have called artist Guy James Whitworth ‘promising’ and ‘collectible’ the poster-boy for Sydney’s Queer arts scene is certainly not resting on his reputation for his new exhibition ‘A Queer Aesthetic.’ 

Citing influences as wide ranging as medieval heraldry, 80’s pop-rock androgyny and neoclassical architecture, Whitworth is still working on his one man artistic revolution, challenging the viewers ideas on modern iconography, gender, sexuality and, yes, of course, queer masculinity. 

With his signature bright neon colors still very present Whitworth is also attempting to tackle the more ‘traditional’ genres of landscapes, abstracts and still lives, whilst keeping the edgy and queer style that has proved such a hit with Australian buyers and critics in the past.

Whitworth’s past two shows have explored the spiritual (2010’s Like Neon Within), the physical (2011’s One Day You’ll Understand- Featured on this blog last year) ) and with this upcoming show examining sexuality, it completes a trilogy of shows the artist has been working on for the past few years.”


For more information on the artist, his upcoming exhibition as part of Sydney’s GBLTQI Mardi Gras and to also watch the trailer for the documentary filmed about his last exhibition, go to

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Photo Credit Peter Dovkin


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